21 November 2010

Chinese Zodiac Year of the Rabbit 2011 Calendar Print by GiftsBonanza

Pretty 2011 calendar print for the Chinese Year of the Rabbit featuring each of the 12 zodiac animals in a square, with the rabbit in the middle to represent the Year of the Rabbit. The Japanese kanji for rabbit, usagi, is also written in the middle.

These kawaii cartoon chinese zodiac animals are just adorable! Perfect for the person who is interested in Chinese astrology.

20 November 2010

Japanese Iris Poster by Kiyoshi on Zazzle

This poster features a photograph of the beautiful Japanese iris flowers in mauve and purple shades which grow in the grounds of the Meji Temple in Tokyo, Japan.

Sakura Greeting Card by Annya Okinawa on Zazzle

Beautiful greeting card featuring a photograph of cherry blossoms in Northern Okinawa on the Motobu Peninsula. Being the Southern-most prefecture of Japan, Okinawa is the first to greet spring. Cherry blossoms, or "sakura" start appearing in the middle of January, while the rest of the country usually has to wait until March or April to admire their beauty.

19 November 2010

Japanese Koi Skateboard by risegear on Zazzle

Zazzle skatebaord featuring a beautiful illustration of a Japanese koi. The illustration has been done to reflect the traditional Japanese koi artwork.

18 November 2010

Kawaii Kitty Cone Ice Cream Cat Meow by meowies

Cute pink ladies spaghetti top featuring an unusual kawaii kitty ice cream cone, with the words kitty cone written underneath. The kitty has cute big eyes and whiskers.

This would make the perfect gift for the person who loves all things kawaii and cats.

17 November 2010

Zazzle Poster - Falling Leaves by lucidtheory

Elegant and stunning poster of falling leaves against a green background with a black border. The leaves are in the autumn colors of red and orange and are a striking contrast to the green.

16 November 2010

Zazzle Mousepad - Exotic Cattleya Orchid Flower by twopurringcats

This stunning mousepad features a brightly colored variety of the Cattleya orchid. This is an airbrush painting of the flower by botanical illustrator, Carolyn McFann.

Stunning - 5 stars!

15 November 2010

Zazzle Skateboard - Whirlpool by ajd17

Unusual skatebaord design using a vintage woodblock print, known as ukiyoe in Japanese, of a whirlpool. This image looks perfect on the skateboard and would be perfect for those skateboarders who also love the ocean and to surf.

14 November 2010

Zazzle Ice Cream Cone Keds by Kawaii

Cute ice cream cone keds with pictures of kawaii ice cream cones and pink love hearts with pink trims. Perfect for the person who loves all things kawaii and cannot get enough ice cream!

15 October 2010

Kokeshi Doll - Love Binds Us Together by Udonchow

Pretty mousepad featuring two Kokeshi dolls dressed in colorful kimonos, holding onto a string of lovehearts that keeps them close to each other. There are also two bunny rabbits on the floor in front of them.

14 October 2010

Origami Doll Greeting Card by Minercia

Modern Japanese design featuring an origami doll dressed in a beautiful floral kimono, holding a fan and a Japanese umbrella. In the background there are flowering Japanese cherry blossoms.

13 October 2010

12 October 2010

Calling all Cranes by Mareen

Elegant greeting card featuring a woman dressed in a traditional Japanese kimono looking towards a full moon with her arms outstretched. Japanese cranes are flying in the sky, with one as a silhouette against the moon.

11 October 2010

Japanese Fan by Fortyone on Zazzle

This pretty card features aspects which are synonomous with Japanese culture and traditions, including the pretty sakura blossoms, Japanese fans and mountains in the background. This would make the perfect greeting card for the person who loves all things Japanese.

10 October 2010

Butterfly Print by Azure Iolite at Zazzle

This would have to be one of the most stunning prints I have found in my endless search of Japanese style designs - there is a simplicity about the picture which gives it such elegance and draws you in. Fantastic!

09 October 2010

Japanese Iris Love Stamp on Zazzle by ArtByLindaLou

One of the wonderful things I loved about my time in Japan was the way in which nature was so strongly linked with their culture. The flowering seasons of plants were linked to festivals in the local shrines and the notion of hanami, or flower viewing is not only linked to the cherry blossom season.

I still remember the beautiful iris flowers en masse in May and June in Japan - beautiful, striking. I tried growing them once I returned to Australia with mixed success and I certainly could not replicate the beautiful visions of Japan.

08 October 2010

Mt Fuji and Plum Blossoms on Zazzle by mingtees

This would have to be one of my favorite Japanese inspired designs on Zazzleand it looks stunning on this dark colored tote bags. The design shows Mt Fuji in a circle in the midde with branches from a cherry blossom tree in the foreground. Surrounding this circle is many time sakura flowers (cherry blossoms). The illustration is all white with the dark blue of the bag giving the contrast to see this wonderful design. It reminds me of the blue and white Japanese patters. Kudos to mingtees!

Retro Japanese Pattern on Zazzle from nyamomo

A beautiful retro Japanese pattern featuring the flowers from the cherry blossom trees, known as sakura in Japanese. The pattern is very colorful with red, green, yellow and black flowers of many different shapes and sizes.

07 October 2010

Geisha in Black Kimono and Fan at Zazzle from brianadragon

The season of autumn is perfectly portrayed in this illustration of a geisha in a black and red kimono, holding a Japanese fan in front of her face in a traditional Japanese pose. The geisha is standing in front of lake with mountains in the background with red amd orange Japanese maple leaves on the trees around her.

06 October 2010

Kimono Doll Tee at Zazzle from claclina

Pretty Japanese kokeshi doll t-shirt, dressed in a blue kimono with a red and orange obi around her waist. This lovely doll is holding a Japanese fan in front of her face.

This would be the perfect tee for a lover of Japanese kokeshi and all things Japanese.

05 October 2010

Four Seasons Kitsune Fox Mug at Zazzle from MeredithDillman

The Japanese word for fox is kitsune and they are very common in Japanese folklore. The word kitsune is often translated to fox spirit which is a reflection of the wisdom they have gained throughout their lives and does not refer to a ghost-like creature. Kitsune are believed to possess superior intelligence, magical powers and a long life and are more similar to faeries from Western cultures.

The beautiful mug featuring artwork from Meredith Dillman features the four seasons with the kitsune dressed in a traditional Japanese style for each of the seasons.

04 October 2010

Gold Asian Floral Magnet on Zazzle from JuJuGarden

This lovely magnet features a beautiful oriental floral design with flowers, maple leaves and streamers on a gold background. The design reminds me of the beautiful patterns found on Japanese kimonos and would be perfect for the person who loves all things Japanese!

03 October 2010

Cool in Kimonos at Zazzle from pinkpig3

Pretty young girls all in a row wearing kimonos with flowers in their hair. This kawaii design is in aqua and black which creates a striking effect. Perfect for the person who loves all things kawaii and Japanese.
Cool in Kimonos mug
Cool in Kimonos by pinkpig3
Create custom printed coffee mugs at zazzle

02 October 2010

Vintage Japanese Silk Advert on Zazzle from redwingshoppe

Vintage advertisement for Japanese raw silk featuring a red colored sun rising up behind the beautiful blue water. The reflection of the sun can be seen in the water, giving in an unsual red glow. 

This vintage ad is from a series advertising this raw silk, all with unique designs which are eye catching and a perfect collector's item for lovers of all things vintage and Japanese.

30 September 2010

Halloween Lucky Cat Binder by JellyRollDesigns

The Maneki Neko is a popular Japanese symbol which is believed to bring good luck to the owner. The Maneki Neko comes in a range of styles and colours, but there are a number of features which are common. 

Maneki Neko are traditionally a Japanese Bobtail Cat beckoning with an upright paw. It can be either the right or left paw raised, and sometimes it is both, and there are opposing views as to the significance of which paw is raised.

It is commonly believed that the higher the paw is raised, the greater the luck it brings, or alternatively the greater the distance the good fortune will travel. This has resulted in the height of the paw increasing over the years.

The Maneki Neko has also become a popular symbol of good luck for other cultures, particularly for those interested in Japan. Many people blend parts of Japanese culture with their own, making it truly unique.

The fusion of Western and Japanese cultures continues with this lovely binder from JellyRollDesigns featuring a maneki neko holding a halloween jack o'lantern filled with treats and sweets. The binder can be customized with your own text to make it your own personalized binder - to fill with pictures, photos, stories or whatever you wish.

29 September 2010

Zazzle calendar from megakawaii: Mega Kawaii 2010 Calendar

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Zazzle calendar from megakawaii: Mega Kawaii 2010 Calendar

An entire year of super sweet yummy cuties to adorn your room or office wall. From kawaii cupcakes to our very own Mushy Puffs™ kawaii mushrooms!

28 September 2010

27 September 2010

Zazzle postcard from TheSpottedOlive: Kawaii Cute & Tasty Cupcake Post...

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Zazzle postcard from TheSpottedOlive: Kawaii Cute & Tasty Cupcake Post...

This super cute kawaii cupcake design features an happy little cupcake with pink frosting, a brown argyle wrapper and adorable little cherry on top! Hearts off to the side with the words cute & tasty beneath.

24 September 2010

Zazzle sticker from thebootique: Cute red cherry family stickers

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Zazzle sticker from thebootique: Cute red cherry family stickers

Cute red cherries illustration of a cherry family. Mom, dad and baby cherries.Adorable red cherry t-shirts and gifts for cherry lovers.

23 September 2010

Zazzle binder from Ruxique: Bonsai Tree Stylish Wedding Planner / Phot...

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Zazzle binder from Ruxique: Bonsai Tree Stylish Wedding Planner / Phot...

Delicate pink stylized bonsai tree design. Wedding / Party planner or photo binder. Elegant, fully customizable to use for your special occasions.

22 September 2010

Zazzle shirt from bushidonobyouga: Hokusai's Great Wave Tee

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Zazzle shirt from bushidonobyouga: Hokusai's Great Wave Tee

Vintage Japanese Print This take on Hokusai's classic piece looks polished and beautiful on a shirt!

21 September 2010

Zazzle postcard from n1kishop: N1ki's Birthday Boy Postcard

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Zazzle postcard from n1kishop: N1ki's Birthday Boy Postcard

Cute Happy Birthday Card Cute birthday boy with a present and pink balloons by N1ki.