28 January 2010

Even Monkeys Fall From Trees

The latest design from Japanese Inspirations features the Japanese proverb, saru mo ki kara ochiru, which in English literally means even monkeys fall from trees. The proverb means that no one is perfect, that everyone makes mistakes.

17 January 2010

Valentine's Day Gifts at Japanese Inspirations

The past week has seen the addition of two new Valentine's designs at Japanese Inspirations, featuring the classic Japanese kanji for love.
The background colours and text can be customised to suit your own style.

Visit the store to see the full range of products available.

06 January 2010

Japanese Kanji Four Seasons

Pretty postcard featuring the Japanese kanji for the four seasons with four colours representing each of the seasons with a recycled paper look.

This design is available on a range of products. Visit Japanese Inspirations to see the full range.

04 January 2010

Japanese Designs on Zazzle

Why not visit the Japanese Inspirations page on Squidoo to see a great range of Japanese designs on Zazzle? This page shows designs from a wide variety of designers and artists on Zazzle.

The designs include Japanese writing, Japanese food, samurai, sumo, sports, haiku, origami, anime, kokeshi dolls and dragons. Visit the page now to see the full range of wonderful designs.

03 January 2010

Today's Best Award at Zazzle

The new pink flowers design on a greeting card received a Today's Best Award at Zazzle. This design is also available on postcards, stationery, mousepads and mugs, as well as on the business cards featured in the previous post. It will also be available on US postage stamps in the next few days. Visit Japanese Inspirations to see the full range of products.

02 January 2010

Pretty business cards now available at Japanese Inspirations

Here is the latest addition to the business card line on Japanese Inspirations - a pretty pink and purple flower design on a blue background which has the look of being recycled coloured paper. The business card can be easily customised to add your own information. If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us through our store.